Chester A. Arthur
born, Chester Alan Arthur, in North Fairfield, Vermont, on October 5-1829

1835-Chester Arthur's family moves to New York

begins classes at Union College in Schenectady, New York-1845

1848-graduates from Union College, starts to study law, and begins work as a schoolteacher

becomes principle of a school in the basement of his father's church-1851

-becomes a lawyer in New York City

Arthur defends Elizebeth Jennings, and works on the Lemmon case-1855

-Arthur travels to Kansas Territory to suuport antislavery

He marries Ellen Lewis Herndon, October 25-1859

-South Carolina leaves the Union

the Civil War begins-1861

1862-Arthur is named quartermaster general of the New York State militia

Arthur resigns from the militia-1863

1871-Arthur becomes collector of the New York Customhouse

Congress eliminates the moiety system-1874

-Arthur gets fired from teh customhouse

His wife dies and he becomes the Republican vice-presidential candidate. He and James Garfield won-

1881-Garfield is shot in July 2 and dies September 19. Arthur is sworn in as president on September 20

Arthur vetoes and then signs the Chinese Exclusion Act and learns he has Bright's disease, a kidney disorder-1882

1883-Arthur signs the Pendleton Civil Service Act, and he signs signs legislation to to imrpove the navy adn build steel-hulled ships

Arthur dies on Nevember 18-

Arthur as a young man
Arthur as he enters office